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Gloss Black Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier

Gloss Black Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier

Exclusive to Land Rover, the exterior side-mounted gear carrier provides easy to access storage on the outside the vehicle. Designed for aerodynamic performance and to minimise wind noise, it is material tested to ensure it can withstand harsh environments. It is also compatible with the radio antenna, however metallic objects inside the gear carrier may affect radio performance. This exterior carrier is lockable, waterproof and is perfect for carrying walking boots, wetsuits or other items that you may prefer not to carry inside your vehicle. It has a stay to hold the lid safely open when loading or unloading. An interior net ensures that contents remain secure when in transit and is contained when opening the lid. It also has a rubber stopper in the base to facilitate cleaning and drainage. Finished in Gloss Black with a Land Rover badge, it has a capacity of 24 litres with a maximum carrying capacity of 17kg.For 130 Only Not applicable for V8 Engine VehiclesSingle Exterior Side-mounted Gear Carrier can fit on Right Hand Side of vehicle only. Not compatible with ladder on the same side.

Part Number: VPLEP0512