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Multi-Height Tow Bar Kit - 90, Air Suspension, Noble Chrome Tow Eye Cover, 23MY onwards

Multi-height tow bar offers three different towing height positions and the ability to swap height easily. Simple to fit/remove following initial retailer installation. Includes 50mm tow ball. Approved for up to 3,500kg trailer load and nose load of 350kg. 13 pin towing electrics are included. Kit includes multi-height tow bar, TRM module, TBM3/TRM bracket, four M6 nuts, harness and tow eye cover.23MY onwards. For 90 only.For vehicles fitted with coil suspension. Kit supplied with Noble Chrome tow eye cover.Towing electrics are capable of powering caravans, trailers or lighting boards including those fitted with rear mounted LED lamp kits. However there is a minimum current required which some auxiliary lighting may not support. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of the minimum and maximum electrical loading supported.

Part Number: VPLE90MHT02NC

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