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Towing Receiver Kit, NAS, 22MY onwards

Towing receiver for NAS market. Detachable square receiver for clean finish. The tow hitch is designed to offer optimal tow ball height. Includes 1 7/8 inch and 2 inch multi-fit balls. Will take up to 5,510 lbs. trailer load and 385 lbs*. nose load. Tow Hitch not included22MY onwards.Kit includes towing receiver supplied with towing electrics, towing harness, TRM towing module, TBM3/TRM foam block and tow eye cover. A tow hitch can be ordered separately.*100kg nose load at Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). At 175kg nose load 75kg must be subtracted from the vehicle’s GVW. Please refer to Owner's Handbook for more information.

Price: $1,553.00

Prices are subject to change: excludes Retailer installation charges and taxes. Please see your local authorized Retailer for details.

Reference #: VPLYT0301,VPLYT0342,VPLYT0295,VPLYT0338,LR133263