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Deployable Side Step Kit - SWB, with Lane Departure, 16MY

These smart, practical steps make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Neatly stowed under the sills, the side steps automatically deploy as soon as the door is opened, or when activated by the key fob. They stow automatically when the door is closed. The side steps are sensitive to obstructions and will not deploy in off-road or low range settings. Automatic mode can be overridden to allow access to the roof when the doors are closed. The deployable side steps are compatible with front mudflaps and feature a stainless steel finish with laser etched Range Rover branding. For SWB vehicles, with lane departure, 16MY. Fitting of side steps may affect the off-road capability of the vehicle.

Price: $3,933.37

Price excludes installation costs and taxes. Please see your Retailer for details.

Reference #: VPLGP0366,VPLGP0367,VPLGP0224,VPLGP0134,VPLGP0248,VPLGP0249,VPLGP0259