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Bull Bar Kit - 90, Air Suspension (Australia/South Africa)

Bull Bar Kit - 90, Air Suspension (Australia/South Africa)

The bull bar is an alternative to the front expedition protection system or 'A' frame protection bar. Mounted to the front bumper via a winch cradle, it provides extra vehicle protection from disabling damage to the vehicle from impacts with animals such as kangaroos, allowing the vehicle and passengers to continue their journey to the nearest point of safety.For 90 only.For vehicles fitted with air suspension. The bull bar kit includes: bull bar VPLEP0448, cradle VPLEP0489, two parking aid sensors LR137889,crush cans VPLEP0431 and camera bezel VPLEB0437. A winch may be fitted if required. Not compatible with front expedition protection system and 'A' frame protection bar. A winch can be fitted to the bull bar cradle without the requirement of a winch mounting kit.

Part Number: VPLE90BAR01

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