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Pet Pack

Taking the effort out of transporting pets, the Pet Pack ensures everything required is to hand to transport pets in comfort. Combining the Foldable Pet Carrier, Portable Rinse System and Spill Resistant Water Bowl. The foldable pet carrier provides a safe, comfortable environment for the transportation of pets. The Portable Rinse System provides a convenient solution for washing pets before loading or rinsing down other equipment from bikes to wetsuits. Designed to be used outside the vehicle. The Spill Resistant Water Bowl Providing a convenient solution for use in transit or outside of the vehicle, the spill resistant water bowl incorporates a clever design feature which redirects water towards the centre of the bowl when the water is disturbed. The perfect solution for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in the load space of their vehicle.

Price: $1,210.57

Part Number: VPLEXLRPET01