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Towing Receiver Kit, LWB, 7 Seat, Indus Grey Valance (AUSTRALIA)

Towing Receiver Kit, LWB, 7 Seat, Indus Grey Valance (AUSTRALIA)

Detachable square receiver for clean finish. Approved for up to 3,500kg maximum towing capacity and 350kg nose load. Towing electrics are included. Kit includes: towing receiver, towing harness, towing module, module bracket, module and module bracket fixings and Indus Grey towing valance. Tow hitch not included and can be ordered separately.For LWB, 7 seat vehicles only. Not applicable for PHEV.Towing electrics not compatible for caravans, trailers or lighting boards fitted with rear mounted LED lamp kits. However there is a minimum current required which some auxiliary lighting may not support. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of the minimum and maximum electrical loading supported.

Part Number: VPLKAUS005

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