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Aqua Sports Carrier

Suitable for carrying a sailboard, canoe or kayak. Includes lockable multi-purpose holder to carry oars or paddles. Tilts to facilitate loading and unloading. Features lockable straps and rubber supports to maintain optimum weight distribution whilst protecting the equipment and vehicle from scratches and scuffs. The maximum carrying capacity of the aqua sports carrier is 45kg.Not compatible when vehicle is in SV ModeCross bars are required for fitment.Consideration should always be given to the vehicle's maximum roof carrying capacity to ensure this is not exceeded. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of your vehicle's roof carrying capacity. Objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna may reduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio systems, if fitted. Some roof carrying accessories may restrict the opening of the vehicle’s sliding sunroof when fitted. Care should be taken when opening the roof to avoid collision with any items fitted above the vehicle.

Price: $597.14

Part Number: VPLGR0107