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Emergency Pack

Combining basic first aid and roadside emergency supplies, this emergency pack is ideal for unexpected events while away from home. Provided in a rugged, branded carry case, with unique internal organization system, it also has a carabiner and velcro attachment points to keep the pack neatly in place.The emergency pack’s comprehensive contents includes: scissors, tweezers, a quick guide to First Aid and CPR (English/French). For First Aid: adhesive strips, butterfly closure strips, sterile pads and gauze, adhesive tape, vinyl gloves, elastic bandage with clips and triangular bandage with pins. For Roadside Emergencies: cable ties, duct tape, multi-function tool, shop towel, rain poncho, work gloves, flashlight, bungee cord and emergency whistle.

Price: $96.41

Price excludes fitment. Taxes not included.

Part Number: VPLKS0615