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Wheel Mounted Bike Carrier

Roof mounted, lockable bike carrier designed for holding a single bike. Carries one bike per holder and a maximum of three holders can be fitted.For 90, 110 and 130. Not applicable for vehicles with V8 engines.Cross bars or are required for fitment. Consideration should always be given to vehicle's maximum roof carrying capacity to ensure this is not exceeded.Objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna may reduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio systems, if fitted. Items carried on the roof may restrict the opening of the vehicle’s sunroof when fitted. Care should be taken when opening the roof to avoid collision with any items fitted above the vehicle.

Price: $241.36

Prices are subject to change: excludes Retailer installation charges and taxes. Please see your local authorized Retailer for details.

Reference #: VPLZR0186