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Land Rover Defender

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Towing Receiver Kit - 110, Primed Tow Eye Cover, 23MY onwards

Towing 2” square receiver for all your towing needs. Approved for up to 8,201 lbs. maximum towing capacity and 771.6 lbs. nose load. Kit includes: towing receiver, module, towing electrics and tow eye cover. 23MY onwards. For 110 only. Kit supplied with a primed tow eye cover for a Land Rover Retailer to paint with a Ceres Silver Satin, Gloss Black or Silicon Silver finish. A tow hitch can be ordered separately. Towing electrics are capable of powering caravans, trailers or lighting boards including those fitted with rear mounted LED lamp kits. However there is a minimum current required which some auxiliary lighting may not support. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of the minimum and maximum electrical loading supported.

Price: $1,451.21

Prices are subject to change: excludes Retailer installation charges and taxes. Please see your local authorized Retailer for details.

Reference #: VPLE110NAS01Pr