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Towing System - Electrically Deployable Tow Bar

The electrically deployable tow bar is stowed discreetly behind the rear bumper when not in use, providing a clean attractive finish. It is designed to deploy/stow in 12 seconds and is operated via a switch in the rear loadspace or by the infotainment system in the cabin. Returns to original position if any obstructions encountered during deploying/stowing. Includes integral 13 pin towing electrics (also hidden until deployed). Approved for up to 3,500kg trailer load and 200kg nose weight. 3,000kg trailer load limit for Range Rover Sport SVR. Includes a unique trailer light test facility which allows the driver to check without assistance if the trailer lights, including reverse and brake lights, are functioning correctly. The trailer light test is activated via either a switch in the loadspace or via the touchscreen, depending on the vehicle’s specification.Not applicable for PHEV.Not applicable for vehicles equipped with coil suspension. Pre 17MY requires EDT ECU and harness kit VPLWT0217 and EDT switch kit VPLWT0123 for fitment. 17MY only requires ECU VPLGT0204 (5 seat) or VPLWT0205 (5+2 seat), EDT switch kit VPLGT0206 and EDT harness VPLWT0207 (5 seat) or VPLWT0203 (5+2 seat) for fitment. Also requires bumper fitting kit VPLWB0135/VPLWB0138/VPLWB0140 for non-SVR models. SVR models require tow eye cover LR118863 (lower) and LR064872 (upper) in lieu of bumper fitting kit. 18MY onwards requires ECU VPLGT0204 (5 seat) or VPLWT0205 (5+2 seat), EDT switch kit VPLWT0243 and EDT harness VPLWT0226 (5 seat) or VPLWT0227 (5+2 seat) for fitment. Also requires rear bumper valance LR105613 (primed) or LR117847 (SVR). 19.5MY onwards MHEV 5+2 seat vehicles only requires ECU VPLWT0205 (5+2 seat), EDT switch kit VPLWT0243, EDT harness VPLWT0227 (5+2 seat) and speaker bracket VPLWT0293 for fitment. Also requires rear bumper valance LR105613 (primed). Trailer light test feature is applicable to 17MY onwards vehicles only.Not suitable for caravans, trailers or lighting boards fitted with rear mounted LED lamp kits. A target tracking sticker is required for vehicles fitted with trailer assist option.

Part Number: VPLWT0111

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