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Range Rover Velar

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Pet Access Ramp

Designed with optimal dimensions and angle, the pet access ramp assists pets into the cargo space area without the owner having to lift them, making it ideal for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in the cargo space area of their vehicle. The ramp is suitable for use for pets up to 187.4lbs. and features aluminium side panels and a plastic center section with a high-grip tread pattern. Rubber feet help to prevent the ramp slipping and retaining straps secure it to the cargo space 'D' loops, providing a lightweight but robust, practical solution. The ramp weighs 13.2lbs. and can be folded for stowage in the stowage bag provided. Height 4.3in., width 16.1in., length when open 64.1in. and length when closed 28.7in. Standard.

Price: $476.52
Reference #: VPLCS0516