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Antimicrobial Deep-Sided Rubber Mats - 21MY onwards

For the ultimate in footwell protection, this set of synthetic rubber mats contains deep-sided rubber mats for the first row and standard rubber mats for the second row. The mats have been treated in a technical way to make them anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, this combination is known as ‘antimicrobial’. Perfect for containing sand, mud, water or snow from driver’s and passenger’s feet when returning to the vehicle. The mats are available in Ebony with a Bright finish metal, Land Rover branded ingot and the front mats follow the slope of the footwell for added protection. Both the first and second row mats attach securely to the floor with retention clips.21MY onwards.

Price: $337.05

Price excludes fitment. Taxes not included.

Part Number: VPLRS0607