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Roof Box

Roof mounted storage box with sleek, aerodynamic design to help minimize drag and wind noise. Manufactured from premium materials for elegant appearance, with Gloss Black finish and durability in harsh environments. The dual-side opening feature allows the roof box to be opened from both sides for convenience. The power-click, quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator allows for fast and secure fitment using one hand only. The roof box is lockable for security. The central safety locking system ensures that the key can only be removed from the lock when all locking points are securely closed. The roof box is TUV approved and meets City Crash test requirements. External dimensions: 67 in long, 33.9 in wide, 17.6 in high. Volume 105.6 gallons. Box weight 38.5 lbs. The maximum carrying capacity of the roof box is 165.3 lbs.Not compatible with vehicles fitted with sliding panoramic roof. Cross bars are required for all Land Rover roof mounted accessories. Consideration should always be given to the vehicle's maximum roof carrying capacity to ensure this is not exceeded. Please refer to the Owner's Handbook for details of your vehicle's roof carrying capacity.Objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna may reduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio systems, if fitted.

Price: $792.00

Prices are subject to change: excludes Retailer installation charges and taxes. Please see your local authorized Retailer for details.

Reference #: VPLZR0191